Aerospace / Data Analytics

Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems produce large volume of runtime log data, which serve a variety of purposes, such as state dump, execution tracing and event reporting. Critiware is a major player in supporting the analysis of runtime data from different ATM applications ATM. Critiware has developed an innovative log analysis tool, which allows:

  • Aggregating and interleaving logs from different applications;
  • Filtering large volumes of data through time-based and whitelist filters;
  • Identifying error data;
  • Implementing custom filtering rules.

Critiware can help companies to improve their data production practice through the analysis of historical dataset. Our experts can help companies to develop logging policies, which allow to uniform data logging formats and semantics. Critiware can support the design of better logging solution for your system, based on our Logbus software-monitoring tool.

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