Data Analytics

Companies working with high-reliable systems collect field data traces and logs from applications, operating systems and independent monitoring tools (such as, syslogd, Ganglia, Nagios). Field data provide troves of valuable information about the runtime system behavior. CRITIWARE can support companies at characterizing and improving their products and systems through the analysis of field data. Our data analytics capability is designed to address the ever-growing complexity of large-scale and critical computer systems.

Why Critiware stands out?

Our wide-ranging experience on incidents and maintenance reports, failure and defect logs, gained by means of the successful completion of projects in the most demanding of finance and transportation industry has proven the constant advance of our analysis methodologies. CRITIWARE is specialized in the analysis of large datasets through statistical correlation and data mining. We help companies gaining insights into incident causes, predict problems, spot security vulnerabilities and design advanced error monitoring systems.

Look at our Data Analytics solutions in the following Domains:

  • Data Analytics / Aerospace
  • Data Analytics / Banking

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