Quality Management

Although often underestimated, the quality of software is in charge of large part of products’ quality – hence of quality of provided services, user satisfaction, company’s reputation and trustworthiness, or even public safety in the case of critical systems.

Indeed, implementing SQA has a cost during production; neglecting SQA apparently improves productivity, but has a much greater cost at later stages (e.g., recalls and updates of products, costly litigations, damage to the company’s image).  Productivity with no quality is a fake gain. Studies report that quality excellence practices in many domains yield a ROI of about 15$ for each 1$ spent.

A common situation is that managers have to make non-informed decisions about which SQA activities (if any) should be implemented.


Why Critiware stands out?


Critiware’s solution for products’ and processes quality assessment and SQA decision-making is CEDALION. CEDALION embeds techniques, methods, and models in a customizable framework to quantify trade-offs between:

  • Software quality achievable by SQA activities (e.g., testing);
  • Its implementation cost;
  • Its impact on project schedule (hence on time-to-market).


Trade-offs between these contrasting goals are quantified and related to quality management decisions.

Look at our Quality Management solutions in the following Domains:

  • Quality Management / Aerospace
  • Quality Management / Railway

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