Testing Support

Testing is an essential activity to improve quality of a software product. Critiware is specialized in providing testing solutions in critical systems industry.

Main topics also  include fault Injection and  Performance Testing in the context of Cloud and mobile systems. Our experience includes application and system testing of IoS and Android operating systems.

Software Fault Injection is one of the most important Critiware asset. Software Fault Injection consists in the deliberate introduction of software faults for assessing the impact of faulty software on the system and improving fault-tolerance. Software Fault Injection has been included as a recommended practice in recent safety standards, and it has therefore gained interest among practitioners.  Basing on 10 years of research experience on fault injection testing, we realized our own approach and a related tool for the injection of realistic software faults, namely SAFE (SoftwAre Fault Emulator), that provides some key advantages for certification purposes since it takes into account fault representativeness.

In the context of performance testing, Critiware has been involved in several industrial projects which aimed to to systematically measure and evaluate the so called “software aging” issues and provide software rejuvenation solutions on industry products.  Critiware has developed valuable experimental approaches to analyse performance degradation of a variety of complex systems (Android, middleware for Air Traffic Control, Linux Operating Systems, Databases, Web servers)

Look at our Testing Support solutions in the following Domains:

  • Testing Support / Railway

Fault injection and performance testing

  • Cloud
  • Mobile OSs

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