Railway / Testing Support

Critiware has in its own DNA  a significant attitude to the verification and validation process since its founders have a large experience in this field at academic and industrial level. Additionally its employees are ISQTB certified, thus empowering  Critiware with  valuable accredited skills. Critiware supports the customer in the definition of testing process as well as in the adoption and customization of testing tools. Our expertise focus on:

  • Analysis, validation of software and system requirements and definition of acceptance test
  • Delineation and implemention of testing process including testing techniques, test cases management and test documentation writing (IEEE 829, EN50128)
  • Automation of the testing process for embedded systems and Web based systems
  • Design, customization and integration and of testing tools with requirements management platform
  • Incident tracking, classification and verification of solution
  • Training on testing methodology and practices

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